Order of Protection

AZPOINT cannot be used to fill out a petition for the new Lifetime No-Contact Injunction. For information about the Lifetime No-Contact Injunction, see azcourts.gov Lifetime No Contact Injunctions.

An Order of Protection is a court order that is issued to stop a person from committing domestic violence or from contacting people protected by the order. AZPOINT will help you decide whether you and the person from whom you are seeking protection have a qualifying relationship for an Order of Protection. If you don't have a qualifying relationship for an Order of Protection, you may be eligible to apply for an Injunction Against Harassment. If you are an employer seeking protection of your business or your employees, you may apply for an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment .

You may also use AZPOINT if you're asking for protection on behalf of another person--either (1) a minor of whom you are the parent, guardian, or legal custodian or (2) an adult who is temporarily or permanently unable to request an order.

Tips for using AZPOINT

  1. Create a new, strong password that you haven't used before. Be careful about allowing a device or a computer save it for you. Keep your password private.
  2. Answer the questions that appear on each screen. If an answer is required but you do not have exact information, make your best guess (for example, the defendant’s height or weight). Your responses will be saved automatically.
  3. When you have provided the minimum required information to file a petition, you will be "court ready." AZPOINT creates a petition number that you will need to file your petition with a court.
  4. You can print draft (unofficial) copies of the forms you've filled out in AZPOINT. A draft copy has a watermark on it that cannot be removed. Be careful about leaving draft copies where others can read them. Remember, the information you saved in AZPOINT will stay here for 90 days, and you can come back to it as often as you like. Think about your risk before you print.
  5. Be sure to LOG OUT every time you have finished working in AZPOINT.