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To use the AZPOINT Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool, you must create an account. Please enter the requested information here. IMPORTANT: Use only letters and numbers in your username. If you use any symbols, your information will not be saved, and the court will not be able to download your documents from this portal. Any field marked with a red asterisk (*) is required to register for an account.

Email Address. You must use a valid email address. Look for an email at the address you provided, asking you to click a link to confirm that the email is yours. Before you provide an email address, think about whether you should use an existing email address or whether you should create a new one. Does the person from whom you’re seeking protection have access to your email account or your email password? Find out more about how to create free/private email addresses by clicking this Help FAQ.

Security Question. You must set up a security question and an answer to be able to recover your password, if you forget it. Think of a security question and answer that the other person does not know or cannot easily find out.

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